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BuroClub Member

BuroClub is the first network of independent business centres in France. BuroClub has existed for more than 20 years and has more than 30 centres. TALLER is a member of BuroClub.

TALLER and BuroClub share there the most essential: the values of Expertise, empathy and enthusiasm.


Taller : business center Paris 16th

Because the workplace must adapt to the company, and not the opposite, we created the business centre TALLER, a place of work which aims to be an ideal setting at the best price. We want to offer you the freedom to develop your business: prioritizing flexiblility, allowing you to adjust the number of posts to your activity, to delegate the administrative and technical support and network in the workplace. We believe in the optimization of a company’s image via a quality domiciliation and reception.


Meet us

At Taller, the quality of service is our priority. We aim to provide you complete satisfaction.

Laura Dahan

Laura Dahan

Director of the Center

A graduate of the ESG with 10 years of experience in banking and real estate companies, Laura runs the business centre. Her major concern: relieve you of the management of your offices and help you create an ideal framework. A confirmed yoga practitioner, her watchword is Zen.

Follow us

  • (+33) 1 83 80 25 66
  • 7 rue Léo Délibes, 75116 Paris – France

Plan du Site :

Bureaux équipés Bureaux équipés Paris Bureaux équipés 75016 Bureaux équipés Kleber Bureaux équipés Paris 16 Bureaux équipés Trocadéro Bureaux équipés Etoile
Centre d'affaires Centre d'affaires Paris Centre d'affaires 75016 Centre d'affaires Kleber Centre d'affaires Paris 16 Centre d'affaires Trocadéro Centre d'affaires Etoile
Location bureaux équipés Location bureaux équipés Paris Location bureaux équipés 75016 Location bureaux équipés Kleber Location bureaux équipés Paris 16 Location bureaux équipés Trocadéro Location bureaux équipés Etoile
Coworking Coworking Paris Coworking 75016 Coworking Kleber Coworking Paris 16 Coworking Trocadéro Coworking Etoile
Location salle de réunion 75016 Location salle de réunion Kleber Location salle de réunion Paris 16 Location salle de réunion Trocadéro Location salle de réunion Location salle de réunion Paris Location salle de réunion Etoile
Bureaux partagés Bureaux partagés Paris Bureaux partagés 75016 Bureaux partagés Kleber Bureaux partagés Paris 16 Bureaux partagés Trocadéro Bureaux partagés Etoile
Domiciliation Domiciliation Paris Domiciliation 75016 Domiciliation Kleber Domiciliation Paris 16 Domiciliation Trocadéro Domiciliation Etoile
Location bureaux partagés Location bureaux partagés Paris Location bureaux partagés 75016 Location bureaux partagés Kleber Location bureaux partagés Paris 16 Location bureaux partagés Trocadéro Location bureaux partagés Etoile
Domiciliation entreprise Domiciliation entreprise Paris Domiciliation entreprise 75016 Domiciliation entreprise Kleber Domiciliation entreprise Paris 16 Domiciliation entreprise Trocadéro Domiciliation entreprise Etoile